The last three weeks have been busy for all of us at Arise Africa International and we would like to thank all of you for praying for us as we have have seen the lord work miracles our lives. First it was the departure to the USA of our boss Pastor Godfrey Wanamitsa and his wife Joy. They arrived safely and are ministering to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Then we had a baptism at Bukaya Baptism church. Up to sixteen members most them students at Njeru High school were immersed in water. We ask you to continue praying for them to stick with the faith. We also had a party for the scripture union at Bukaya Baptist church and that also went well.

The interns who are here working with us are slowly getting used to Uganda and we thank God for the construction of the orphanage at Buakeba which has taken off. Assisted by the interns and a team from EMI the initial stage has taken off we pray to the almighty God that this work ends well.

If you might want to give some encouragement to the construction team then kindly click on the comments icon below this posting and enter your message.

Be blessed