Madam Harriet Kintu and Alice taking notes

Women preparing food
Arise Africa Child Care and Home Development "kitobero season" is here. The "Kitobero" is a time for meeting for Arise Africa child care department staff with the women and child groups in order to review what has been achieved in the year, to pray and also to map a way forward for the next year.

This year's "Kitobero" kicked off in Naminya at the Naminya Baptist Church and will go around eight villages. Naminya, Buyengo, Bulama, Bukaleba, Kakombo, Nakalama, Iwawu and Itukulu.
Pastor Godfrey and his wife Joy Wanamista has had a very successful visit in the USA sharing the word of God with fellow brothers and sisters in the USA. So far they have had the privilege to share in the following States.

1) 1st Baptist, Charlottesville VA

2) Beaverdam Baptist Church

3) Palestine Baptist

4) Rainbow Forest, Roanoke VA

5) Living Stone Ministries, Clifton Forge, VA

6) Cornerstone Raleigh NC

7) Buchanan, VA

8) Rev. Chris Kingrey's Church.

9) Journey Church, Wake Forest, NC

10) Hillcrest Baptist Church Ridgeway VA