Pastor Masajjage interpreting through the movie show
Mrs Batwaula-wife to Pastor willy batwaula leading the choir
Pastor Omar preaching
Baptism time
Pastor Masajjage praying
Recently their was a crusade in Kagoma village coupled with a door to door session, a film show and a baptism. To be able to do all these we needed God for providence and indeed glory to him he provided and the exercise went well and we were all blessed. Headed by Pastor Godfrey Wanamitsa and assisted by Pastors Masajjage, Willy Batwaula and Omar, we kicked off with a follow up on those that accepted the lord the last time we were there-during a mission link evangelism visit. Up to 17 people got saved out of about 50 who were preached to. From the ones who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, 5 joined Kagoma Baptist Church. The preaching during the evening was followed by a film at night. We showed the Jesus Christ film in Lusoga we are thankful that this also went well- We were really worried about the projector because of generator power. In conclusion we baptised 16 people in a swamp nearby. We thank God for all this and glory be to him for having enabled us to do it. Kindly pray for those that got saved. The village of Kagoma and Kagoma Baptist Church

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